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Our WUSA4 180,000 PSI Wire has a MINIMUM breaking strength of 1358 pounds. Much of the wire available in farm stores is advertised as 170,000 PSI but that is usually the maximum, - its range will usually be from 130,000 up to 170,000. So, the breaking strength of it is just over 1000 pounds. Why pay more and sacrifice over 300 pounds of breaking strength? In New Zealand, 180,000 PSI wire is the standard for both electric and non-electric fences. The price and quality makes this wire very popular.

180,000 PSI min = 1358 lb @ .098 in.

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This 4,000 ft coil wire is labeled minimum 180,000 PSI, but has tested at a minimum of 200,000 PSI with up to 1500 lb. breaking strength. It is 12.5 Gauge, with Class III galvanization which resists rust up to three times longer than traditional farm store electric fence wire. The price and quality make this wire very popular. Ships FOB Please call for shipping total.
This jenny is designed to conveniently attach to a receiver hitch. It is made by a local craftsman. Our Jenny is extremely Heavy Duty and ideal for hi-tensile wire. Ships FOB
We redesigned this jenny with the features that we wanted and it’s made by a local craftsman. With a telescoping height adjustment, it’ll hold coated wire products, like HotCote. Our Jenny is ideal for hi-tensile wire, and is extremely Heavy Duty. Ships FOB