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Polyflex Wire Quarter Mile 1320'

We carry a large assortment of poly Products to suit every need.

Braided polywire with a polyester blend for temporary cattle and horse fencing. It is durable with tinned copper conductors plus a higher breaking strength than standard polywires, It also has greater visibility and handles well with fewer tangles

Available in both 9 strands of stainless steel conductors (for strength, durability and longevity) or mixed metal with 3 strands of tinned copper conductors (for maximum conductivity over long distances.) and 6 strands of stainless steel conductors. Both types reel up great and are easy to handle with a reel. A 1320' roll will fit on our extremely popular PowerFlex 3:1 geared reel or other standard reels. We have designed this polybraid with portability in mind for strip grazing purposes. It will perform for you.

Our PolyRope is a premium, pure polyester 1/4" rope product that is of the highest quality. Pure polyester has a high natural resistance to UV and we expect this rope to last in the 25 year range. It has double ribbons for contrast and visibility. It comes in two varieties with the Premium ( GOLD ) having 22 total conductors - 16 tinned copper filaments on the outside and 6 stainless steel filaments on the inside for ultimate conductivity. The economy ( SILVER ) is similar in looks and appearance with 12 stainless steel conductors making for a great rope gate too.