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Powerflex Fence
If you are involved in or are considering a management intensive grazing system (MIG), or any form of managed grazing, then you have come to the right place! We graze livestock, and by using the products that we offer, we have learned (and are still learning) what works and what doesn't. We encourage your input on our products. We would like to be part of your grazing network. By providing quality fencing products and sharing information, we hope to assist you in managing your livestock on grazing land.
World Class Fencing at Affordable Prices

Some of the products that Powerflex Fence has introduced to our grazing world are the original Powerflex composite post, Powerflex PolyBraid, and our unique Powerflex Electrifiable Hi-Tensile Woven Wire. Surf through our site and see for yourself all the great benefits these products can provide. For a general field guide, take a look at our How-To section. In Our Products section you can see our full line of electric fencing products. Call or email us, we will be happy to visit with you about our products and how they can work for you.

How-To Archives
How-To Archives cover everything from the basics of getting started to specific jobs such as building floating braces or grounding your energizer. Enjoy and check back often as we strive to keep the most current information available to you.

Grazier's Connection

We also publish "The Grazier's Connection", a comprehensive product catalog, including customer profiles and how-to articles. Click here and fill out the form, we would be happy to mail you a FREE copy.

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Seven Strand Hi-Tensile
Woven Wire Available!

G2 Posts are Back!!

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Horse Head Insulators - Bag Of 20
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