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Powerflex Polybraid

Available in both 9 strands of stainless steel conductors (for strength, durability and longevity) or mixed metal with 6 strands stainless steel conductors and 3 strands of tinned copper conductors (for maximum conductivity over long distances.). Both types reel up great and are proven for high quality performance. A 1320' roll will fit on a standard Powerflex geared reel or a non-geared reel. We have designed this polybraid with portability in mind for strip grazing purposes. It will perform for you.

If you would like a sample of this PolyBraid just give us a call and we'll be happy to mail you a sample piece for your evaluation before you buy. If you are progressive grazer, then you will appreciate the quality of this polybraid. We feel that it should give you a good 5+ years of constant heavy usage in the "real world environment" for portable cross fences and strip grazing.

If just put up and left up we expect it to last 10 years +. This product has a breaking point of about 300#, which is TWO TIMES stronger than normal twisted types of polywire that you will find in most farm stores. Another feature we like about our "Braided" PolyBraid is that just by the nature of the braiding process, there is continual overlap of conductors - allowing current to flow unimpeded even when you have individual wires break. And, hey, lets face it - poliwire products are not perfect! All poly wire products will wear out eventually, especially when you are moving it daily or very often. Its temporary and portable fencing, but a very effective tool. If it lasts you 10 years then that's a bonus and you got good use out of it.

PolyBraid StainlessA tightly braided configuration with 9 strands of stainless steel conductors for added strength. If you are going to be moving it often and rolling up on reels – this polywire will hold up and last.

Item #PBS3

Item #PBS4



PolyBraid Mixed MetalItem #PBSC4 (1320')

Top choice for professional graziers, with both the added conductivity of tinned copper conductors and the strength of stainless steel. This is also a braided configuration and handles very well.

PolyBraid Mixed Metal

Item #PBSC8 (2640')

A good choice for strip grazing, especially if you have long lengths. With 6 strands of stainless steel and 3 strands of tinned copper conductors, it will maintain voltage over long distances.